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P. 9

I Came To The

                      Races With

                          £50 In My


               (Pretty Much The Last Of My

                             Student Loan)

             It was £50 that I was willing to “sacri{ce” to {nd out if you
             can really make money backing horses like Tyreese had said.
             I was 100% con{dent in my data and decided that if I lost,
             it proves that results are simply down to “chance” and I’d
             never bet on another horse again…

             First race, both Noah and Tyreese back the favourite, while I
             back the 6th favourite…

             “You’re mad bro!” laughed Tyreese…

             10 minutes later, they claimed I had “beginner's luck” as my
             pick won the race, beating their selection by 3 lengths…
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