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P. 13

Sure, the guys would celebrate when they won, but those
             winning nights were few and far between. What kept them
             coming back was the “hope” they could always win, not that
             they ’d ever actually experienced winning regularly…

             And with their tails between their legs, both of them were
             practically begging me for details about the char ts that they
             had mocked on the way to the racecourse…

             “You need to explain those charts to us” Tyreese said,

             After showing the guys the char ts, it was obvious that the
             details were way over their heads and they would never
             understand what they were looking at…

             Which wasn’t a surprise really, given this was Masters level
             data analysis, something neither Noah or Tyreese had any
             knowledge of…

             “Screw it, if you do these charts again I’ll just follow your
             bets” Laughed Noah…

         I LEFT WITH £233.46 IN MY


             The walk back from the race was interesting…

             I had £233.46  in my pocket.
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