Page 14 - The Winners Club (Jack O’Conor) : Flip It & Read It
P. 14

Which I was thrilled with, especially after seeing the other
             guys lose over one hundred pounds each…

             After losing, the guys became far more honest about the
             “ results” they had experienced in the past. It was during this
             conversation that I discovered losses like this were “ the
             norm” for your typical punter…

             Sure, the guys would celebrate when they won, but those
             winning nights were few and far between. What kept them
             coming back was the “hope” they could always win, not that
             they ’d ever actually experienced winning regularly…

             And with their tails between their legs, both of them were
             practically begging me for details about the char ts that they
             had mocked on the way to the racecourse…

             “You need to explain those charts to us” Tyreese said,

             After showing the guys the char ts, it was obvious that the
             details were way over their heads and they would never
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