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It Was A Quiet Night In


         At The Student Union Bar

         The bar that was buzzing on all of my previous visits resembled a
         ghost town…

         It was the time of year when most students were revising for exams
         or heading home for the summer. On ly a few remained and I was
         one of them…

         I’d just completed my {nal exam of the year and thought it would be
         a nice idea to “ treat” myself…

         But sitting at the bar with nothing but a pint of Guinness for
         company hardly felt like a treat at {rst…

         To avoid looking awkward, I did what all honorable students would
         do and star ted making “small talk” with the bar tenders. I’d never
         met Noah and Tyreese before, but with a lot more time on their
         hands than they were used to, they seemed happy to chat and even
         shared a jager bomb with me…

              Little Did I Know That


              “SMALL TALK” Would

                       Change My Life
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